Notetab Clips Group Guidelines

Posting Guidelines (WIP)
   Asking for help
   Posting clip code
   Feedback and Acknowledging help

Contributing User Clips

User Clip Index Template
Short Clipname:   ______      [~ 15 chars max]
Long Clipname:   ______
Short Desc:         ______      [~ 80 chars max]
Clip Author:         ______      [group member name]
Version:              n.m.p  (Released ______)   [Version number and/or release date]
Release Type:    ______      {New release, bug fix, new feature; major, minor}
Upload  Date:     ______      [F5 in Notetab]
Dependencies:  ______      [Support clips, Notetab version, windows utilities, etc]
Related Clips:    ______      [Other similar or useful clips]
Reviews:          ______       [Links to review or commentary messages or files]
Complexity:       ______       [{Simple, Moderate, Complex

Search Tags:    ______      [#descriptive keywords (no embedded spaces)]
Clip Filename:   ______      [zip or 7zip file; package includes clp file, icon file, change log,
                                              help file, developer notes, etc all with identical filenames]
Clipfile CRC:     xxxxxxxx     [32 bit CRC from NTB $GetCrcFile()$ to ensure file integrity]

Long_Desc:    ______     Free form text

Instructions for Contributing User Clips to GIO Group

Create User Clip Wiki Page
Copy and paste above template into Notetab, edit as appropriate. (Do the best you can supplying info.)
Login to GIO Clips group and click on "Wiki" (left panel)
Click "New page", (Use the clip short name for the Wiki page name)
Copy and paste the edited template into the Wiki text box

Add link to uploaded file to Wiki page
Create the URL for the target clipfile location:<AuthorName>/<ClipFileName>
   <AuthorName>   is the member name with all spaces replaced by an underscores ("_").
   <ClipFileName>  is the full name of the (to be) uploaded user clip file (zip "package")
Highlight the full clip file name (including the file extension)
Click the External link icon ("insert/edit link", the chain icon)
Paste the clipfile URL in the link wizard's URL field
Note: Since it is an external URL link, the target file does not have to exist yet.
Click "Save Page"

Add User Clip Page to group User Clips TOC page
Click "Pages" and select "User Clips TOC"
Click "Edit Page"
Scroll down to list of user clips and Insert a line containing the short clip name and its short description
Highlight and copy to clipboard the short clipname
Click the "Add Link" icon (second to last icon, on right)
Paste the short clipname into the wizard "Text to Display" field
Select your user clip page from the "Wiki Page" drop down menu
Check the "Open in new window" checkbox
Click "Insert"

Create upload "package"
On your computer, collect all of the files associated with your clip (clip, icon, help, readme, test data, etc)
For consistency and to facilitate future automation, rename them all to the short clipname and their various filetypes
Create a zip or 7zip archive of the collection, again using the short clip name

Upload User Clip Package file to GIO
Create folder under clip files with name = group member name with spaces replaced with "_"s
Upload the single zip archive containing all clip files to your member folder<MemberFolder>/<clip filename>

Pat your self on your back for a job well done

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