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Hi Thomas,

Thomas Gruber wrote:
Hi Lotta, all,
I found ClipWriter here:
Haven‘t tried it yet, I had never heard of it before but I‘m curious, as
I like to learn about new programming tools. I use clips occasionally, but
too rarely to get really familiar with it. Maybe a development environment
will make it a bit easier for me (I know Axel objects...).
Kind regards
Good find. I found it at another shareware site, but there nothing came down, the file was gone. Problem is it's a shareware program. I don't remember if it was time limited of feature limited. And if it can't be registered any longer...

I think people liked and used ClipWriter. I never bought it because I was a newbie very much in learning mode then. I've found that I understand better and learn quicker if I type myself, and that goes for everything, not only clips. And learning to find my way around yet another program can be too much for me in that situation. I'd probably be more interested in it today, if it turns out it's available and updated. But that's me. How we best learn new stuff is very individual, I think.

Here's a link to one of Wayback Machine's copies of RS's program page. BTW I found RS' name. It's Ramon Silvera.

Computer says no.

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