Help with message boxes

John Shotsky

Hi, all,

I think I know the answer to this, but thought I'd throw it out there to see if
anyone knows a workaround.

Here's the setup.

I have users that use my clip library to convert ebooks into MasterCook (a
cookbook manager) format. Basically put an ebook into a Windows application.

The ebooks can be lengthy, and can take quite a bit of time to complete. If
there is a problem, they have to fix something and then repeat.

There is one point in the process where users can be allowed to see what has
been done so far. So, I'm using an Info box to tell them that they can review it
at that point, if they have set a user option to do so.

Here is the problem - I want to let them review what has been done, which can be
(and usually is) thousands of lines, and then choose whether to continue or
start over. The 'question' feature would have to be delayed until AFTER they
review, but I don't see any way to suspend it until they have reviewed what has
been done.

Basically, I would like a way for them to 'shell out' to review, then 'get back
in' to decide whether to continue or stop, fix something in the source, then
start over. I've though about setting a variable to indicate that the review is
active, but I don't see a way to 'get back in' to continue.

Any ideas? If it's not clear, that's because I'm looking at doing something that
isn't supported directly. It needs to be simple enough for my users


If user wants an early review, he sets a user option.

When the time comes, user is told to review the content.

Right now, I have a GoTo Exit after that Info box, which forces them to start

I'm trying to have an option where, if it all looks good, they can just continue
from where it left off for the review. That could also mean they 'tweaked'
something, and want that in the continuation.



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