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John Shotsky

The problem is that the user can't review the text in the interim. The Notetab
messages prevent access to the document to review it. It can be thousands of
lines of text that they scroll through. With shellwait, I start a different text
viewer that everyone has in Windows, and when they close it they get the
^!Continue and choose whether to stop or continue.


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John Shotsky wrote:
I was really just looking for a way to do it without running a separate

Help says: "Variables keep their value as long as the Clipbook is kept open."
You could have a label and ^!Set that label to a variable right at the break
point. With a ^!Continue you could ask whether to just go on or stop for
Make the first command in the clip a jump to the variable.

When the clip is invoked it ought to start right at the very place it broke off

^!Goto ^%vLbl%
^Set %vLbl%="break-here
^!Continue Go on without inspection?

I fear this can't be very reliable and will result in unintended consequences
but it ought to work in principle.

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