Re: 'IsNumber' and 'IsAlpha' functions syntax


Hi James,

James McBride wrote:
Thank you! I am not a great programmer, by a longshot and it is taking me
a long time to get used to this syntax.
Most of us are or were where you're at. I still find clip code hard to read and untangle in comparison to many other languages. So many squiggly characters and and it all run together. The code can't hardly be structured at all to make it easier to follow. That doesn't help.

Came to think of something. Long ago some of us complained so much about that it was hard for non programmers to get a handle on clips (yes, I was one of the them, I confess!) that Jody started a Clip School. In form of a mailing list of course, called Clip Class, [CC] for short. It really helped us. For me it was godsent. Jody walked us through the basics, gave us assignments and told us what we could and could not use to get the job done. It worked, it was the way in I couldn't find for myself. This happened 20 years ago, in 2000 - jesus.

That list never got transferred. I think it was lost already when we moved from eGroups to Yahoo. I have all the emails saved. Would you or anyone else be interested in them? I think I can manage to get them out of the mailbox as separate, sortable text files so it would be fairly easy to follow threads. I have an old clip for it, just need to check if it needs any modifications. If there isn't too much to fix it's done in a blink. It wouldn't be the same, of course, since you can't interact. But you could do the assignments and if you get stuck you can ask here. We aren't Jody, but we can try our best.

Let me know if there's any interest for this.


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