Re: 'IsNumber' and 'IsAlpha' functions syntax


James McBride wrote:
I certainly WOULD be interested!
OK. Here it comes.

From what I can see, though, this is not some major company of
many people that wrote the NoteTab program and its accompanying script
language. It was probably just one or 2 people, and it is a very impressive
I think it was just one, Eric. How it is now I don't know.

Well, it was quickly done. I only needed to make some minor changes because of the odd things people put in their subject lines. ;-)

I uploaded a zip file to the Clip groups file repository. It contains the emails as individual text files, an OTL that I don't think Jody never finished or I just don't have the latest edition and a Clip library that Imust have come with the class.

The emails are named after the pattern year-month-day-time-subject.txt. Because all characters can't be used in file names the date and time format is a little unusual with dots everywhere, but the point is to make the files sortable and findable, so it is at is. For example the fist list post is named like so:
2000.04.26_03.56.19 _Subject- Welcome to ntb-clipclass

There were a lot of reserved characters in the subject lines that Windows don't allow in file names. That was what I needed to change. I tried to come up with good replacements but gave up. Here's what I replaced them with.

: -> -
? -> ¤
< -> [
-> ]
/ -> ¤
\ -> ¤

So it looks a little odd here and there. But that's only in the file names. When you open a file the unaltered subject line is there. Oh, if you get confused by that there are different time stamps in the file name and in the headers in the email, that's because it's GMT time in the file names but the sender's time in the date field in the headers. I don't remember if that's by design or if it just happened that way. Good it's GMT in the file names anyway so they sort in the right order. Different time zones would have messed that up.

There are 368 emails. The 10 or so I checked were fine so I assume all are. But if you find some that aren't, just holler.



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