Re: ClipClass WAS: 'IsNumber' and 'IsAlpha' functions syntax

James McBride

Holy Schnikes, that is a 'lotta' emails (yeah, I just made that pun can thank me later 😝 )

Now that I know that the clip language handles 'if' statements in a rather strange way, I know that they may require some special debugging. I have a series of conditions that need to be met to set a certain variable and it def doesn’t seem that it works right if I just do:

^!If <condition1> and <condition2> action

This is what learning a new language is all about, finding its idisyncracies.

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I've skimmed through some of the emails. They are a little confusing, even to me who was there. But I think if you primarily focus on the assignments and the related posts it becomes clearer. Also, a few posts from the Clip list had sneaked in there. And note this is the basic stuff. You won't learn fancy here.



Computer says no.

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