Re: ClipClass WAS: 'IsNumber' and 'IsAlpha' functions syntax

Axel Berger

John Shotsky wrote:
If this condition is false Exit
If this condition is false Exit
Here is what needs to be done, because they were both true.
Yes, that's the canonical way:
If <condition> <label1> [ELSE <label2>]

That way is documented and always works. END and others can be read as
pseudo-labels here, not commands in the usual sense. Without ^!If you'd use
them as "^!GoTo END" not as naked "END" (no idea if that would work at

What Lotta found is:

If <condition> <command to execute>

I'm very surprised that ever works and I'm certainly not ever going to use
it. Why rely on flaky side effects, when it's so easy to do things the
right way?

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