Re: ClipClass WAS: 'IsNumber' and 'IsAlpha' functions syntax


Axel Berger wrote:
What Lotta found is:

If <condition> <command to execute>

I'm very surprised that ever works and I'm certainly not ever going to
it. Why rely on flaky side effects, when it's so easy to do things the
right way?
I don't use it either. I still would like to know why it's sometimes OK and sometimes not.

I don't know much programming, but I once read a short book about programming in general. What I took with me is that one should strive for readability above all. That it's more important than compactness and even speed.

I think nested Clip functions are about the most hard to read code I've seen. Sure, I nest too. But sometimes it takes me longer to understand something that I wrote some time ago than it took me to write it in the first place - a lot longer. Especially for demos I think several lines with repeated ^!Set make it easier to follows than 10 nested functions on one row.

And I constantly slap myself for not always writing comments in clips for my own use. When I later want to change them a little it isn't always as easy if it could have been had I written comments and used self explanatory variable names...


Computer says no.

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