Selection box wizard question

John Shotsky

I may have asked this before, but don't remember the answer. I think the answer
is that 'you can't do that'.

Anyway, there are times when a group of files need to be merged together. There
can be many, many (hundreds of) files to merge, mostly single html files to be
merged into one big html file. They problem is that when the user is presented
with the wizard to choose what files they want, they either have to check all
the files they want, or uncheck the ones they don't want. As it is, I present
them with all boxes checked because that is what is usually wanted. But what if
they want only a couple of those many files?

What I'd like is a way to check or uncheck all the boxes while looking at the
wizard. Or perhaps a way to dismiss that wizard and present one with all the
checkboxes unchecked. Either way would require some sort of action other than
cancel or ok.




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