Re: Selection box wizard question

Axel Berger

John Shotsky wrote:
As it is, I present
them with all boxes checked because that is what is usually wanted. But what if
they want only a couple of those many files?
I presume you know this already and don't want it: You can have a separate
Question first and depending on that present one of two wizards, either all
checked or all unchecked.

Or perhaps a way to dismiss that wizard and present one with all the
checkboxes unchecked. Either way would require some sort of action other than
cancel or ok.
That is easy. Have an unchecked pseudo-entry first "uncheck all" and close
with the normal "OK". Look at that entry first and if checked ignore all
others but reopen the wizard -- with another pseudo-entry "check all".

If the pseudo-entry is unchecked process the rest as normal.

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