Re: Any serious interest in code with advanced techniques?


Thank you all for your honesty. There is enough interest that I will upload the code soon. If nothing else, someone may find the clip useful.

It's very true we don't have a lot of options for finding existing code elsewhere. Like I said, I did learn quite a bit following all the questions and answers posted here over the years but to go back through all the existing posts would be difficult and boring.

Sorry to hear about Lotta's impending difficulty and I do understand how Axel likes to watch the code run. So do I. I remember doing things manually for hours that I can now automate. It always amazes me. I enjoy coding like artists like to paint and writers like to write. It's my art and I write clips I will possibly never use just for the fun of it. To each his own.

I really do think the code is understandable if you print it out and give it some thought. There are plenty of comments and I can answer questions. Maybe later today...


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