Re: Any serious interest in code with advanced techniques?


Joy wrote:
The code along with the two subroutines have been uploaded in one text
file. The two subroutines should be saved as individual clips so you will end
up with THREE new clips.

That explains it! I didn't realize the headers were missing and was wondering what I looked at when I had renamed the file to .clb and opened it in the clipbook. :-D

Sigh. I was worried about people not knowing how to manipulate uploaded code. It's only obvious what to do if you already know what to do. That's not how I upload code but it might be a good idea in the future. I believe uploading a ready to go, properly formatted clb file to be copied into the Libraries folder would create a new library containing only the main clip and the two subs with everything ready to run. I didn't think of doing it that way. I assumed people already had libraries and would rather create a few new clips in their existing libraries. Sorry for the confusion. I can just look at the text and know what to do. I don't know everyone's individual level of knowledge.

Doing this by memory, I suggest opening the uploaded text document and selecting and copying (control-c) the main clip down to the first subroutine then right clicking on the library window where you have existing clips and choose COPY FROM CLIPBOARD. Repeat for each of the two subroutines. Save the library. You should now have three new clips in your existing library. (Or you can first create a brand new empty library)

The very first line should be the name of the clip (or subroutine) which is what will appear in the Library window. NOTE this first line may or may not be visible depending on a setting in options. If the name of the clip ever inserts itself in your document when running a clip, it's because the clip name appears twice at the beginning of your code. It may only appear once due to the "Hide the clip name line" option. If this is on, the line you see is just text and not the clip name and the clip will insert this line as the text that it is.

For those who may find it useful, I think I covered how to create clips in the "Notetab Intro to Clip Writing.txt" tutorial I uploaded to the main clips file area.


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