Re: Any serious interest in code with advanced techniques?


Joy wrote:
| No problem. It was because I assumed it was a complete library. When
I realized it wasn't I just wrapped H="" around the names of the three

Uhhhh I just had a 3 AM thought... if you or anyone else just wraps names
with H, make sure you remove the visual separator lines of equal signs
between the three clips since some subs may not end with GOTO END.

I'm also surprised the library header line "= V7 MultiLine NoSorting
TabWidth=30" is not required unless you also added it. I never paid much
attention to it and don't know exactly how it is used althought I'd like
to if anyone knows.
Yes, I added the header and commented out the separators once I realized it wasn't a library.

I'm surprised though that the document loaded in the clipbook as it was, when I just renamed it to .clb, even though it looked funny. I made a small test with just the below, no header. The individual ^! clips and the comment work. The rest becomes paste text, that is the H="TEST" and the labels. And of course the first text line.

paste-text test test test

^!Info Hello
^!If 2=2 next else :foo
^!Info Next
^!Info Foo


Computer says no.

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