Re: [Fwd: Re: [Clip] Adding an HTML space after a period (.)]


At 12:40 PM 2020-08-16 +0200, Axel Berger wrote:
WV- Mike wrote:
By now I imagine you have read my reply to Marcelo as to what I was
trying to achieve and his S&R suggestion on how to do it.
Yes, it was my guess in the last sentence. I stand by what I said. This
not content, it should be done through CSS or not at all. As I can't
any CSS way to achieve it, it's the latter. Making text look good is the
job of the browser. If browsers do it badly that's regrettable but
with content tends to make things worse.
Wouldn't   or   suffice? Personally I think em space is too large, but en space looks fairly good. It's clutter, but a tad better than  .
Here are more spaces.

Would be nice with a ::sentence pseudo element. Guess problem is to define a sentence. Not everything beginning on a capital letter and ending with period is.


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