Re: [Fwd: Re: [Clip] Adding an HTML space after a period (.)]


Marcelo Bastos wrote:
Loro mentioned using   or   instead of regular spaces. It
might work, although at least one source claims that browser support for
different-width spaces is not universal (apparently Firefox renders all
of them with the same width, or at least did so at one time).
The latter, did so but doesn't anymore.

since those are rather uncommonly-used character entities, you can't
rule out causing issues in other types of user-agents (such as, say,
screen readers). And, at the end of the day... that's still hacking the
content to achieve a presentational effect.
I don't think so.

But I'm generally with Axel. I wouldn't do this at all. But if you don't mind clutter, you could as well wrap all periods in a span and set their right margin to whatever you want.

I've also seen a JS solution. I think it involved jQuery or something similar. I wouldn't do that either, but it's out there somewhere.


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