[Clip] #notetab on IRC #notetab

Jody <KJB1611@...>

Hi Joe,

I wanted to know if there is a notetab channel on IRC somewhere.
I'm usually on EFnet, but there's no #notetab.. Otherwise, there
should be a #notetab channel so quick and easy questions can be
answered. I'll start checking there more often to see if
something starts to grow.. I think it would make a lot of things
more easy.
eGroups already has a chat for every group of the browser
javascript flavor. I've asked a couple time for people to meet
me there and nobody ever showed. Who knows, maybe it would fly
using regular IRC, but seems to me if nobody wanted to click on a
link to open a browser chat, you might find it hard to get folk
to download IRC software.

Responses on the lists are normally pretty quick with little wait
time. I don't like starting my browser up to loot at a post,
forum, or newsgroup, let alone IRC software. Is is just one more
thing to keep track of. You can surely give it a go though and
see what happens.

Happy Clip'n!


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