[Clip] Pending Yahoo Group Transfers


Thanks Art.

On 11/11/2019 03:01, Art Kocsis artkns@... [ntb-clips] wrote:

As you may be aware, Yahoo is gutting their groups service and all
archived group content will be deleted on Dec 14, 2019. In order
to preserve the archives and maintain the previous functionality of
Yahoo groups this group is being transferred to groups.io.
The transfer is projected to be complete by Nov 12, 2019.

You should shortly receive an email from groups.io (AKA GIO), with
the new email and web access addresses for this group. Your current
Yahoo membership and mail delivery options will be imported into GIO
and you will then be registered for posting via email. To access web
posting and other web activities, follow the link to logon and set a
GIO password. This password is not required for posts via email but
is required for web access. If you do not receive a transfer message
please contact the group owner via the link below.

At any time, you may visit any of the GIO pages that describe their
available services, features and tutorials. For specific info regarding
the Notetab group or any of its subgroups, visit their home page.

Generic GIO URLs
   Home:        https://groups.io
   Features:    https://groups.io/static/features
   Wiki:        https://groups.io/g/GroupManagersForum/wiki/home
   Help:        https://groups.io/static/help
   Login:       https://groups.io/login

Notetab Clips Group Specific URLs
   NTB Home:    https://notetab.groups.io/g/Main
   Group Home:  https://notetab.groups.io/g/Clips
   Guidelines:  https://notetab.groups.io/g/Clips/guidelines
   Group Post:  Clips@Notetab.groups.io
   Group Help:  Clips+help@Notetab.groups.io
   Welcome:     ### Sent on joining group ###
   Messages:    https://notetab.groups.io/g/Clips/topics
   Subscribe:   Clips+subscribe@Notetab.groups.io
   Unsubscribe: Clips+unsubscribe@Notetab.groups.io
   Group Owner: Clips+owner@Notetab.groups.io

Other GIO Notetab groups you can join
   Subgroups:   https://notetab.groups.io/g/main/subgroups


Posted by: Art Kocsis <ArtKns@...>

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