Date Format Standards & Version ID

Art Kocsis

On 12-21-2019 21:34, Ray Shapp wrote:
<< Actually, the ISO standard international date format is YYYY-MM-DD>>
I actually use that format (with the hyphens) in all my own work and I
would like to see that adopted as a standard here. My reply to John was
manly to commend his usage rather than any format that places day or month
before year. The inclusion of hyphens (not periods or virgules or other
punctuation) is not only an ISO standard, it should also make it obvious
that the eight numerals represent a date.
And easier to read.

Using that format for GIO file uploads should work well and I will include that in the Guidelines (when I can find time to update it).

While it is implementable for file names, I doubt it would work internally for individual clips. I suspect we all have our own conventions that we have used for years that are different and include more or less info than the simple date, for example: time. The primary advantage of the ISO format is the sortability which does not seem to be a useful attribute for clip names within clip libraries.