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This is the parent group for the Fookes Software Notetab text editor forums. Its purpose is to be a portal to the various Notetab support and discussion subgroups, *** NOT *** a discussion forum. All attempted posts here will be moderated. All discussions should be posted to the appropriate (unmoderated) subgroup such as Basic, HTML, Clips or Linux. Comments regarding the GIO Notetab groups themselves should be posted to the About subgroup.

Notetab subgroups include:

  About         A forum for discussion of all aspects of the Notetab groups themselves
  Basic          A forum for discussion and support of basic editing and usage of the Notetab
  Beta           A dormant group reserved for discussion among future Notetab beta testers
  Clips          A forum for discussion and support of using, writing and debugging Notetab clips
  Docs          A forum for improving and supplementing Notetab documentation
  HTML        A forum for discussion and support of HTML editing in Notetab
  Linux         A forum for discussion and support of running Notetab under Linux Wine
  NextRlse    A forum for discussing features and requests for future Notetab releases
  OffTopic    A forum for discussing off topic subjects
  Scripts       A forum for discussion and support of Notetab script usage such as PERL but especially RegEx
  Test          An unrestricted playground for experimenting with features
  Tutorials    A repository for Notetab tutorial posts and files

Most of these subgroups were transferred from and replace similarly named Yahoo groups. Posts to this parent group (Main), are discouraged and are blocked. Instead, join and post to the appropriate subgroup. For further details on each subgroup click on an above link to go to the respective home page. Or visit the subgroup descriptions page for a somewhat more in depth list of subgroups you can view or join:

Member preferences (including visibility, delivery options, etc), for the various subgroups are independent and may differ from subgroup to subgroup.

Read the guidelines for information regarding appropriate posts and formatting. There are separate guidelines for each subgroup.

In essence be considerate and play nice: no SPAM, no ads, stay on topic; no politics, no religion, no flames.

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